I’m an intelligent, interactive and proactive companion, designed to help children on the autism spectrum. Get on the Early Bird List to stay in touch with Olli as he grows.

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Use Olli to help your child with scheduling, life skills and planning their day. If anything goes off-track, Olli will be there to help your child, and gently re-establish their routine.


Using sensors and biometrics, Olli can help your child through an overstimulation event, and bring them back to their schedule.


Olli is FUN. He guides your child in a friendly way, using games and interactive media. Olli will be there to boost confidence, increase independence and so much more.


From playtime to bathroom breaks, I can be there to help with:


Coping with the Effects of Over Stimulation

Basic Life Skills



…and more.


Let’s discover how independent you can be, together.

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Front facing Olli Watch


Location alert

Receive gps alerts when your child enters or leaves a present location

Smart Locater

Keep track of your child by using 3G and GPS data that can pinpoint his or her location

Water Resistant

Olli is water resistant, so he can go where your child goes - showers and baths included!


Olli can monitor your child’s health system, so that you can help prevent or lessen the intensity of attacks BEFORE they happen.

Games and Rewards

Olli rewards your child with games by using a scheduler that monitors and applies a healthy limit to the amount of game time allowed.


Make sure your child always has a safety net by using Olli’s SOS alerts all with a single tap.

Class Mode

Allows a teacher to interact with olli and the child while the parents are off hand

Fitness Tracker

Help your child with basic Fitness skills. Olli measures steps and fun activities to help kids stay healthy.