A Coldplay Speech

Welcome to Grace’s World

Grace is a remarkable happy 11 year old girl who loves cars and can be frequently seen playing Minecraft and listening to music….specifically Coldplay!!!

She has had many challenges in life beginning at birth with multiple life threatening conditions and numerous surgeries. Grace was fitted with a temporary pacemaker at 2 days old and with a permanent one at 3 months. She walked and talked much later than her twin sister and at 2 years old this little miracle was diagnosed with Autism.

Grace attends Trillium Woods Elementary school in Barrie Ontario and is in a special education class. She struggles greatly with reading, unable to retain what was learned the previous day. One day however, she came home with a piece of paper and announced that she was going to read a speech that she wrote about Chris Martin and the Coldplay concert that we all attended at the Rogers Centre in Toronto this past August.

WHAT???? READ????

Well she did just that!

She researched facts about the band with her Educational Assistant, used an app that put her words to paper and began to learn the speech; not only reading it but ultimately learning it off by heart and reciting it in front of her class.

We were elated to say the least and so very proud of Grace who was ever so nonchalant about the whole thing.

We take this as a sign of hope; hope that Grace will continue to read, gain confidence and be able to master reading which is one of the many tools she will need as she moves towards independence.

We thank you Chris Martin for inspiring Grace and lighting a fire inside of her that says “I Can do it!”

Grace, may you always have “A head full of dreams” and live them all out to the best of your ability!  We love you just as you are. Xoxoxox

Here is a video of Grace reciting her speech to her class and to a group of proud parents.

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