Grace and Maggie

Grace and Maggie in the Car

Grace and Maggie


During the week Grace lives with her mom, her sister Millie and their dog Tessa in Barrie Ontario.

We all adore Tessa. She is a sweet and loving dog but at the same time can get a bit hyper and as such paces back and forth reminding us of an expectant parent waiting for the birth of their child.,,,hense her nickname “Nervous Nelly.”

Nervous Nelly and Grace do not really get along. They can be in the same room together but there is rarely and communication aside from the odd, “Tessa, go away. You’re bothering me.”

They each like their own space and both are typically respectful of boundaries.

At our home in Maple we recently brought home a  little Shi Tzu named Maggie. This funny little puppy endeared herself to everyone, even to Grace. So when Grace comes to us on the weekends, Maggie greets her with pure elation as she does everyone else. The house can be filled with 4 kids, two dogs, me and Steve (Grace and Millie’s dad) and Maggs receives and gives attention to everyone.

So why does Grace get along with Maggie and not with Tessa? Well, Tessa doesn’t do what Grace tells her to do and as such, Grace isn’t really interested in her. This is quite similar to the relationships that Grace has with other children and adults. She gels with some and with others, not…and that’s ok.

All we know is that we are quite grateful that Maggie May and Grace have indeed  bonded. Grace feels pleased with their relationship and of having a little playmate that responds to her.

So we ask, do you have a child on the spectrum who lives with a pet at home? What is theor relationship like?

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