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  • What is the inspiration behind iCAN Interactive?

    Stephen Eades, the founder of iCAN, has a daughter on the autism spectrum. As she grew, he realized that there was a gap that needed to be filled, especially when it comes to self-care, transitioning from task to task, and perhaps most importantly, her ability to live independently as she grows into an adult.
    The purpose of iCan Interactive is to accelerate the possibilities of wearable technology -specifically in relation to what it can do for the vulnerable populations in our society who need assistance with autonomy and reaching their full potential.

  • Can any child use Olli?

    Absolutely! Olli is for children of all ages. He's an intuitive companion who is fun, and easy to use.

  • How does Olli help parents with children on the spectrum?

    SCHEDULER - Scheduling has never been easier! Olli helps maintain a child's schedule for the parent(s), and keeps everyone on track. He never misses a beat!
    LIFE SKILLS - Olli helps with life skills, so that the independence of children can increase - which can also increase the independence of the parent(s)!
    BIOMETRICS - Using sensors and biometrics, Olli can help your child through an over-stimulation event, and bring them back to their schedule. Olli can be customized to monitor a child's individual behaviour. When over-stimulation occurs, Olli can supply the child with techniques and strategies to help bring them out of the over-stimulation event. {Lean more about this.} (LINK to technology on Olli page.)
    GPS - Olli keeps track of children for their parents by using data and GPS tracking that can pinpoint the wearer's location within a few feet. Olli also creates a "safe zone," and alerts the caregiver if the child goes beyond its borders.
    GAMES AND REWARDS - Olli allows children to collect points through an interactive approach. A child can apply his or her collection of points towards a reward that the parent can configure. This applies a gamified approach to getting tasks completed, as rewards are granted for following a schedule.
    SOS & ALERTS - Olli ensures that children always have a safety net by using an SOS mode. This mode can be easily and silently activated by the child if s/he becomes vulnerable, or ends up in a negative situation. The alerts come in the form a notification. This notification for example can be configured to the parent, school or extended caregiver as a 'beacon' until answered.

  • Can Olli be helpful to kids in school?

    Olli can help educators with scheduling as well! Please sign up to get on the Early Bird List and receive important "Olli updates".

  • Is Olli secure/safe?

    Through rigorous and continual testing, our top priority is the safety of each user. In fact, safety for children on the spectrum is one of the key factors behind the inspiration for Olli.

  • Is this product sensory friendly?

    Yes it is - ask us about the variety of options available.

  • Do you offer an app store?

    Olli's technology cultivates community-based app sharing; a place where parents with children on the spectrum can upload the practices they find work best, and then share them with other parents among Olli's community of users.

  • What's after OLLi?

    Who else can benefit from iCAN Interactive's wearable technology? Continual research, and the application of feedback/results, is poured into the development of future intelligent wearable companions - these can help other vulnerable populations with cognitive disorders, such as: people suffering from brain damage, dementia (and more).

  • Are you looking for developers to join your team in advancing ICAN future products?

    We're always looking for candidates who want to make their mark on our revolutionary exploration of intelligent wearables. Visit the "Careers" page of our website

  • Where/how can I purchase Olli?

    Sign up for news about our global campaign to get Olli into the hands of as many children as possible.